Chicken Chair

Sebastian Errazuriz hat seit seinem Occupy- Stuhl wieder zugeschlagen, diesmal konzipierte er eine Sitzgelegenheit mit integriertem Huhn.

Sebastian Errazuriz ChickenChairgesehen bei Nercore via Non Sequitur

Was er sich dabei gedacht hat, erzählt er hier:

I create furniture pieces that incorporate conceptual and sculptural themes in a functional piece. I work a lot investigating existential issues of life and death. I have used bird taxidermy in my furniture many times, but never a live one. There was something very beautiful with the idea of bringing actual life into a lifeless furniture piece. If wooden strips are commonly used in the back rest of the chair, why couldn’t those same strips close out the virtual space under our legs and create a cage for a live animal to live in? In my mind it made sense, it seemed so beautiful, obvious yet simple.


I like eating chickens, but I also like for people to be aware of how they live and the consequences of the little decisions they give for granted everyday. I would like people to see a chicken again in their daily life, to find it both uncomfortable and beautiful at the same time. I see the Chicken Chair as a simple but beautiful furniture piece, an exercise in awareness a chair that literally comes to life and assumes a new function literally pocking, pecking and croaking—questioning us.

In diesem Video sieht man wie der Chicken Chair zum Einsatz kommt

Zuvor hatte Errazuriz diese organischen Schneidebretter produziert. Mehr zum Künstler findet ihr auf

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