Performance mit Fleisch

Die Perfomance-Künstlerin Francesca Fini hat sich ausgiebig mit Fleisch beschäftigt:

Vimeo Direkt Fleisch

“The Birth” is the first of a set of performance pieces that tell the relation of our culture with the idea of meat, liberated from its sexual references and conceived as the very essence, the physical and material of the others, the space they occupie, their smell in the air, and their interaction with us. The meat is a conductor of entire worlds with whom we seek some form of dialogue, of negotiation. I tell this short-circuit, the magic of touch and recognition of the presence of the others, and of something elusive but undeniable, through interaction design. I have a low-voltage electrode in the arm. The other pole is attached to the foil that covers the table. When I touch the flesh, this is a conductor and the circuit closes, sending a signal to a digital synthesizer that translates it into sound. Nothing can help us in this journey of discovery, where we have to venture drained and free, even if you exercise your trip on a table supported by piles of books. (Francesca Fini)

Die Performance fand im Macro Testaccio statt. Mehr von der kollektiven Fleischerfahrung gibt es beim Contemporary Performance Network.

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